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BB:  We were in international waters about 200 miles offshore and it was just the most remarkable thing.  When we arrived it was about 40 degrees below zero and then add wind chill on top of that. 

LA:  Wooooooooo (Visibly shaking in horror)

BB:  Yeah, it was crazy.  You step outside and just from the walk from your room to the mess tent you cant feel your face.

LA:  Ben, you are on fire!  Youve got two projects in the works right now that the internet is just buzzing over.  That doesnt even include the Stargate movies.

BB:  (Laughing)  Well you know, at least Ive got something going on.

LA:  Yeah, thats a good thing!  First theres Going Homer.  What can you tell us about that?

BB:  Andrew Prowse and I pitched a couple of projects.  Andrew and I wrote a script together last year after having worked together for years and years on Farscape.  Were very comfortable with one another.  In fact Andrew was saying that he was talking to Brian about it (the scripts that were working on), and he had made the comment that working together with Ben was ego-less.  And Brian said No, in fact, you both have huge egos but its focused on the work.  Prowse is one of the most direct individuals that I have ever met in my life.  I dont know if you have ever met him.

LA:  No, not personally.

BB:  Well its just that hes one of the most interesting and direct people that you would ever want to know.  And in fact the first time we were working together, we had been working together about a week, we stepped outside after a rehearsal.  We were standing there and I looked at him, and I asked him What is it about you that makes me want to hit you?  Andrews about 63, tough guy from southern Australia , a pretty big athlete.  And he balls up his fist, looks at me, and he says I feel the same way about you.

LA:  Oh no!  (Laughing)

BB:  From that point on we were fine.  Were working together right now on a script called Going Homer.  Its about a 12 year old kid who is in the middle of his parents getting divorced.  His fathers a soldier in Iraq and theyre having problems on the home front and he sees the world in terms of Greek myths.  So basically its a family drama which plays out through the eyes of a 12 year old who sees the Greek myths living around him. 

LA:  Ben, youre a classically trained actor. 

BB:  Uh, huh.

LA:  Is this going back to your roots?

BB:  Well I dont know.  My entry point to the idea actually came from my son who, at the moment, is obsessed with Greek mythology.  Hes kind of latched on to it in the same way that Ray HarryHausen did.  You see the thing is theres a whole slew of Ray Harrihousen stuff with Jason and the Argonauts, and if you look at Harry Potter (and I only thought about this afterwards), so many of the creatures from Harry Potter are based on Greek mythology.  But a large part of it had to do with my sons interest in it.  And then I started looking around at the influences of Greek culture within our own society.  You cant throw a rock without hitting Greco Roman influences in America .  It just evolved out of that idea.  Andrew and I tossed it back and forth for a while.

LA:  So SciFi Channel has committed six hours for this project.

BB:  The deal is for a six hour mini series and right now were working on it. 

LA:  Im getting the hint that our time with you is getting short.  Let me ask you about Black Mountain .  

BB:  Right now is a script that Andrew and I are currently working on.  Its with MGM and well see where that goes.  Its a script that we sold.

LA:  Congratulations!  Is it a movie?  A mini-series?  

BB:  Its a movie.  Its kind of a simple kind of movie.  Its kind of a scifi/alien/horror movie that has an unusual tone to it. 

LA:  So youre sticking with the scifi genre?

BB:  Its kind of whats fallen off the truck lately. Theres some other projects Im working on.  Some other stuff.  Ive got a project that Ive talked to Chris Judge about which is not scifi.

LA:  So you like working in collaboration with others?  Or do you prefer to work by yourself?  Or you start by yourself and then

BB:  Sometimes I start by myself.  But sometimes its better to have someone else to  My experience with writing in the writing room on Farscape was that when writing, the collaboration that you get from others is very helpful.  Im not a writer by trade.

LA:  Youre not?!

BB:  No.  You know, I do it but the interaction that I get from working with directors and other people I find very helpful.  Because Ill throw out a million bad ideas and we sort of see what sticks.  And also hearing what other people have to say when other people say Thats bullshit.  You have to figure out a way to say No no no, its not bullshit.  Im just not explaining it right.  Or maybe it is bullshit.  I like that process.  I like that collaboration where people tell me that my ideas suck.

LA:  Are you getting into producing with these new projects?

BB:  Well, you know, well see where it goes.  I like the process of story telling whether Im in front of the camera or behind the camera. When Im on the set, Im almost as fascinated by everything else thats going on as I am with my job.