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Предлагаю в этой теме кидать ссылки на интервью, которые нада переводить. Ну и вообще на все более менее интересные интервью, связанные с Галактикой.

Одну ссылку я уже кидал - интервью с Дэвидом Веддлом, которое просили Старика перевести :)
А пока вот:


Выложено интервью с Хэтчем. Перевод - Старик.
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ОК. Замётано. Кто переводить будет? Старик? Он от нас сбежит :)
Вот интервью Люси. (не помню, давала или нет).

Тока сразу предупреждаю - там Спойлер! (это я Старику, чтобы не ругался). Можно переводить с субботы ;D
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У меня сейчас в плане:
1. Или перевести ОБА интервью, что Агамемнон указал
2. Или начать переводить биографии героев Галактики
3. Или продолжать переводить серии из первого сезона
4. Или взять пистолет и сделать себе харакири  ;D
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Отправлено: Лиса от 06:11 – 06.09.05
Очень бы хотелось посмотреть на харакири пистолетом, но ты уж сохрани себя для нас :)
Давай, сначала интервью, а потом посмотрим, что нужнее, биографии или эпизоды. В смысле, надо всё, но в какой последовательности.
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Вот именно, нужна определенность, что важнее. У меня ведь и Real Life есть, не могу же я 24/7 переводить. Расставте приоритеты, а я попробую.
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Хм... реал лайф... зачем она тебе? ;) У тебя мы есть :)А серьёзно - сказали же, давай сначала интервью Пока переведёшь, мы уже решим, что сначала. Хотя, как назначать, может, решим, лучше описания, а тебе больше захочется био делать. От тебя тоже многое зависит. Но пока давай интервью.
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Так как на Галактикастейшен как бы всё одним листом выкладывается, чтобы не запутаться, тащу Мура целиком сюда. Старик?? Ты видишь\слышишь? А может кто ещё захочет потренировать свой английский?

Moore Hints at Galactica Season Three

Written by Scott Collura at Now playing
Wednesday, 07 September 2005

As Battlestar Galactica (is there really any need to call it the "new Battlestar Galactica" anymore?) heads towards its midseason hiatus in a few weeks, what better time to chat with Ron Moore, executive producer and showrunner on the hit Sci Fi Channel series? And what better way to start off such a chat with some prodding of Moore about whether there will be a season three of Galactica or not?

"Well, we can't quite say that yet. One hopes," responds Moore who doesn't seem willing at the moment to fess up to the fact that Galactica is Sci Fi's new golden boy series, and that a year three is almost a foregone conclusion. Still, he does acknowledge that the success of the show so far has at least affected how he and his writing staff have approached the year two episodes ? as well as those of a possible year three.

"We're sort of looking into larger story arcs as to where the series is ultimately going," he says. "And we are talking about what season three would be. We've had preliminary discussions about conceptually what we want the third season to reflect and how we would approach it."

However a third season is handled, it seems obvious that it will yield new and exciting results. Season two, which is about seven episodes in at this point, has taken just this long to resolve the finale from season one. Moore says that depending on where the show is at the end of year two (the second half of the season debuts in January), you may see a similar method of resolution applied in year three ? or perhaps not. It all depends on how things break down in the writers' room, where stories and characters can change at any time. Take this year's season premiere, for example, which ended up quite different from the original story that was planned.

"We played with different notions; we did have in story development a different episode to start off with, a big flashback episode, and then [we would have] picked up the big cliffhanger in episode two," says Moore. "And then we kind of abandoned that. Even in the first episode now, you can see there are flashbacks of Tigh and Adama meeting for the first time. They were shot much bigger ? we were literally opening on Caprica 20 years ago and playing out the scenes in the bar and the scenes with Adama and Tigh. So the opening beats of the episode were going to be someplace else to kind of take you off guard a little bit. And we tried it, but it was just one of those ideas that we didn't like as much as we thought we would. And you're always battling length anyway, and as we looked at that we just felt that [it was] more effective by sort of touching into those flashbacks and just giving you pieces of them, making them like memory, which is a little bit more disjointed and not quite so linear. So it turns out we picked up exactly where we left off!"

Since so much extra footage was shot for those flashbacks, the possibility exists that we might see more of "Tigh and Adama: The Early Years" in future episodes.

"We might," says Moore. "We've got them in the can. We've talked about maybe sprinkling them in some other episodes or in some other context, or maybe doing something similar again. It's an idea that's up on the board."

Moore also explains the context of those scenes from "Scattered," which depicted a young Tigh and Adama who are no longer in the military and have found themselves working on a cargo ship. The idea is that after the original Cylon War, the Colonies faced an era sort of like the end of World War II where peace was declared and there was a fairly large downsizing and demobilization of the military.

"A lot of men and officers were discharged, and Tigh and Adama were just two other guys and they had to find work," says Moore. "They found work on a freighter where they ran into each other, and they spent years in between the wars on this tramp freighter moving back and forth between the Colonies. Eventually Adama got himself back into the fleet and pulled in Tigh with him."

It's this solid backstory that each character seems to have that gives the show much of its depth, just as it's Moore's willingness to push those characters in new directions that gets fans so excited about the series. Take the example of Katee Sackhoff's ace pilot Starbuck, who has basically been grounded since the middle of season one because of an injury. What do you do with an ace pilot who can't be an ace pilot?

"I really liked that," says Moore. "There's only so much flying that you can do really and it sort of becomes the same. It was interesting taking somebody whose life was defined by that role ? that she's a fighter pilot ? and then to take that away from her and see what happens. There was a definite decision, that we were going to live with our wounds, live with damage, that we were going to play the aftermath of what happens. You know, Adama was shot in the last episode of the [first] season and he [wasn't] back for a few episodes this year. And even when he is, he's a changed man. It has repercussions. He took a very heavy hit and it was touch and go. It changes who the man is. Not in the philosophical way, but in how he experiences life and how he will go through it. It shook him."
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Сюда только интервью или статьи тоже?
Отличная статья, так и ждёт Старика :)
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Вот комментарии Мура к серии "Пегас". Как думаете, нуно такое на сайте? Можно было бы перевести. Кто возьмется, если что? :)))
Я б перевел сам, но сейчас занят другой работой и другими переводами :)
Как освобожусь, тоже что-нибудь поперевожу.
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Думаю неплохо было бы и к остальным сериям перевести комментарии. И на страницу эпизод-гида добавить не только "Читать дальше..." (полное описание серии), но и "комментарии создателей". Какие мысли будут по этому поводу?
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Ой, комменты надо! Тока не знаю, кто возьмётся переводить. Но ты их все стырь, на всякий, а то бывает, пропадают такие весчи :( Слушавшие комменты, говорят, что с ними ещё интереснее смотреть. Может даже найдём какого спеца, сделать из них субты, было бы просто замечательно.
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Еще одно интервью с Р.Муром...вроде интересное :)
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Ага и с Ли тоже. Тот же адрес, тока цифирь в конце поменяй на 170. Спойлеров на вторую половину - полно :)
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Джефри Карвер овтечает на вопросы фанов по книге BSG.
Если кому надо, то попробую попереводить...если время будет.
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Надо усем. :)
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Чё спрашивать-то? Давай! И остальное тоже!
Эх, Старик куда-то пропал :( Следующую главу хочу!!!!!!
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Ну вот, Мур разродился большим интервью по поводу теологии сайлонов в БСГ. Много и интересно, читать тут:
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Интервью сразу с несколькими участниками процесса :)
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Новое интервью РДМ
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Ну вот, Мур разродился большим интервью по поводу теологии сайлонов в БСГ. Много и интересно, читать тут:

эту статью никто не переводил еще?
думаю перевести, попрактиковаться :)
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Натусик, попрактикуйси, а мы на сайтике выложим тут же. :)